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even freakazoids love puppies

the poor dog is soooo embarrassed. can't believe he let him out of the house with those shoes



…dude is a ginger?

butbutbut the beard…


big fat fucking deal

I'm by no means a baseball fan, but that doesn't keep me from being sad and angry that last night

Barry Bonds broke stole Hank Aaron's record for career home runs hit.  Bonds's record will most likely go into the record books with an asterisk ( * ), to remind us that the real, untarnished record still belongs to Aaron.

allow me a digresion:  a long time ago, back on the time of the dinosaurs, I lived in Venezuela which is a totally baseball-crazy country. back then we were all following Aaron's chase for the record.  and I remember reading/watching about the hatred and death threats heaped on Aaron from those who did not want to see Babe Ruth's record broken "by a black man".  and Aaron lived through all that with dignity and grace while steroid- and (illegal) performance enhanced-drug free.

"steroid- and (illegal) performance enhanced-drug free" is a phrase that will never be applied to Barry Bonds. even if you havent' read Game of Shadows (and if you are a baseball fan you should) it is pretty clear that Bonds both used an array of non-permitted substances and then committed perjury by lying about it to a federal grand jury. 

if you have doubts just look at these pictures

my neighbor Cap'n Crook is allowing me to link to the post he wrote when Bonds tied Aaron.  it expresses my anger and frustration better than I ever hope to do. check it out.

to end, here's a quote from the Boston Herald article linked atop this post:

Liars, cheaters, frauds, phonies. Together they spit on Maris and Mantle and Mays, and all the other

180-pound stars who did it for real. They chose the shortcut, better hitting through chemistry,

and thought they were going to get away with it. They had the union zealots behind them,

they had a linguini-spined commissioner and they had the starry-eyed sycophants from

ESPN who wanted to believe that flaxseed could make a man’s head grow a size and a half.

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