Shilpa Ray opens for Grinderman

at Cannery Ballroom Nashville 20101119

Shilpa Ray

at Cannery Ballroom Nashville 20101119

Shilpa Ray and her harmonium

at Cannery Ballroom Nashville 20101119

Shilpa Ray










Grinderman’s opening act in the North American tour, Armin Ra, broke his theremin at the New York show.  while the theremin was repaired, Shilpa Ray was personally requested by Grinderman to be the opener in the DC, Atlanta, Nashville, and Memphis shows.

she was fantastic, a girl singing and screaming with only her harmonium for accompaniment. Shilpa’s voice goes from wounded to growling in the same verse; mesmerizing.
later in the set she got the crowd to clapping and OOOooooOOoooo along – and closed by informing us in the audience that “Grinderman was fucking awesome and she was going to get wasted and watch them with us”.
a girl after my own heart




check out a couple of songs from her upcoming album with her band, The Happy Hookers, Teenage and Torture

Heaven In Stereo
Venus Shaver

more pics of Shilpa Ray and of Grinderman at flickr


Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers – A Fish Hook An Open Eye

I was browsing the session archives in Daytrotter and came across Shilpa Ray and her happy hookers.
the session is raw, Ray's voice  goes from howling to murmur. 

Shilpa Ray and her happy hookers
first album A Fish Hook An Open Eye can be streamed in its entirety at their site.

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