NC!NC!NC! Day -28

(alt title: It Takes Something As Momentous As Ol’ Nick To Get Me To Blogging)

in a month, four weeks, twenty-eight days, I’ll be seated at the Keswick in Philadelphia waiting for The Bad Seeds to take the stage; the intrepid Crankypants will be there, plus a fellow Nickcaveite from Baltimore.

should be an awesome show, as always. this will be my third time through the NickExperience (twice with The Bad Seeds, once with Grinderman). I’m confident it the live show will be memorable, even though I’m underwhelmed by the new  album, Push the Sky Away.  I’ve listened to the album several times since it began streaming last week and there is much Warren Ellis and the soundtracks Nick and Warren have composed in the last few years – lots of strings, loops, a melancholic sound, nothing like the ferocity of Dig Lazarus! Dig!!

It will still be a show worth the trip, because one thing I’ve learned after seeing Nick twice, is that songs that I didn’t care much for as recorded, were amazing live.  “Moonland” and “Midnight Man” from DL!D!! , “Kitchenette” and “When She Comes” from the second Grinderman album were high points of their respective shows.

here’s the video for one of the standouts from the new album, “Jubilee Street”; I’m so looking forward to see it live

Jubilee Street