I am sick to my heart

I couldn't sleep last night.
a  thought kept jolting me awake.
were California's Prop 8 to pass, it will mark the first time in this country's history that rights granted to individuals have been taken away.*
taken away

just like that.
the trend has been that once the Rubicon is crossed, once rights are granted, they are not taken away.  take for example, once the US Supreme Court ruled anti-miscegenation laws illegal, there may have been grumbling, but there was not a concerted effort to reverse that decision.

it sickens me deeply to think that if Prop 8 passes, it will encourage similar efforts in Vermont and Massachussetts.  and I fear for what may come next.

teh SO, history major and US Civil War buff notes the above is not exactly true:  during the years leading to the War Between the States, there were several legal reversals dealing with the rights to emancipate one's slaves, the ability of a slave to buy their own freedom, etc.  my bad.

I'm listening to this while I write

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