Best wishes

to all of you, in any which way you chose to spend the day.

my sister Lotta and I celebrated Cinemas (with a nod to RedZilla) by taking in a double-feature this afternoon:  Sweeney Todd and No Country for Old Men.  both very good movies, but I totally <3 Sweeney.  Johnny Depp rulez!! 
in re NCfOM:  it was nice to see Tommy Lee Jones not chewing scenery, Javier Bardem's haircut deserves its own Oscar nomination, and Josh Brolin was a revelation – walked away with the movie.
then we came home and had leftovers. !yum!

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nonsense and frivolity, Simpsons flavor

ok peeps, I'm excited.  almost as excited as when Bobavey got his slugs. almost as excited because nothing can compare to Bobavey's excitement.  but I digress.

had a dr.'s appointment this am and on the way back stopped at BestBuy to get "The Simpsons Movie". when I got there and saw the sales flyer, it noted that you could get four "The Simpsons Movie" figures for $15.00 with movie purchase. w00t!  and then I noticed there were five, not four, but FIVE figures. grrr. the bastards planned it well.  how could I get just four of the figures without getting the complete set? I couldn't, so I had to pay full price – $12.99 – for the fifth one.

check out what I got:

the movie

Homer and Plopper figure




Lisa and Maggie

these are the cool Todd McFarlane figures that came out with the movie.  I will totally have to set them up on the cocktail table so they can watch the movie with me.   w00t!

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oh women. such bitches

this Modern Love essay freaked me out. 

this is the section that made me go What.The.Fuck.

But to my enduring wonder, I have never felt the same anxiety about men. To be sure, their violence and misogynistic rituals stole my innocence and triggered the demons of shame and repression that shackle me still.

Yet their actions, however crude and criminal, ultimately hurt me far less than the judgments, connivance and betrayal of women. The men in my drama acknowledged wrongdoing, apologized, showed remorse. Punishment, however minor, was meted out. They did not blame me, and they shouldn’t have. But the women shouldn’t have, either, and they did.

so the fellow that raped her and his brothers who cheered, apologized, showed remorse, and made it all better.  those bitch sisters kicked her out of her sorority. 
and being kicked out of the sorority is the most traumatic experience?

I am speechless

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if only life imitated art…


be sure to check the entire picture gallery.  my favorite is # 6,  Alberto "who me?" Gonzalez, the former AGUS


found via Gallery of the Absurd 

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teh seecret. I has it

and my mind asploded!!!

got my 2nd round membership to Teh Pip Fan Club.  I be foundling # 207

many thanks to Lurkertype, untiring promoter of the Laugh-Out-Loud Cats comic.

lookit what I got:

is not too late for round 3 memberships.  check teh Laugh-Out-Loud Cats blog for details.

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