My City Was Gone : : Atlantic City – Calliope No. 8

ah, Calliope No. 8.  decisions, decisions…

06-Atlantic City
Bruce Springsteen

do I post the studio version?

04-Atlantic City
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

                   or the live one?

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be a voyeur. you know you want to

thanks to teh SO, you are welcome to teh awesomeness that is the cat pavillion webcam.  (caution: can be addictive. a lot).  click repeatedly to see if any of the feline roommates is bird watching and/or napping.  the excitement!!

tcpw is mostly (emphasis: mostly) up.  it does suffer from occasional freezes, which we, here at TCPW Ent. Ltd., hope will be rare.

edit: right now is cold and rainy, so the feline  masters are safely inside.  Pepperito deigned to go out this am, so I leave you with the evidence that yes, the cat pavillion is worth monitoring:


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