Fifteen Albums (version 0.8)

via VOX pal Tom of the Zone

The rules: Don’t take too long to think about it.
Fifteen albums you’ve heard that will always stick with you.
List the first fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes.
Tag fifteen friends, * including me, because I’m interested in seeing what albums my friends choose. Remember: List records in no particular order.

* tag yerself if interested

The Mule Variations
Peter Gabriel I (Car)
Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Lyle Lovett and His Large Band
Robert Johnson – The Complete Recordings
Bach’s Goldberg Variations (Glenn Gould)
Famous Blue Raincoat
Dig, Lazarus Dig!!!
Sunday in the Park with George
Allman Brothers Band – Live at Filmore East

I may be writing more, adding cover art, linkage, etc.  may not.


I owe my soul to the Amazon store…

it'll take a while before Amazon owns my entire soul, though.  they keep da music cheap.  like this 31-track benefit album for $2.99.  embarrassing.  I bet they are counting on it – the force compels you to go and donate to one of their causes, say The Gulf Restoration Network  

just sayin'

outstanding tracks so far:

My Morning Jacket / Restoration Hall Jazz Band                         Carnival Time
Mike Mills (feat. Bonerama)                                                          Ohio
Erin McKeown (feat. Bonerama)                                                   Blackbirds
Nelly McKay                                                                                 Late Again

…so on..  and indie represents:   Bonnie Prince Billy and The Wrens

it sucks that you have to be in the US to get it.  


Proceeds from Dear New Orleans will be granted to New Orleans-based nonprofits
 working to support and sustain the region's unique musical and cultural traditions and to protect
 and restore vital environment and community resources for future generations.
Such beneficiaries include Sweet Home New Orleans and Gulf Restoration Network.

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how far to Broadway?

recently I got the soundtrack to FELA!, the off- and currently on-Broadway musical that chronicles the life and times of Nigerian musician, composer, singer, and political force, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, featuring Fela's music arranged by Antibalas and choreographed by the great Bill T. Jones.  

I can't stop listening to it – I hope I can get to NYC while it is still on. 

a few clips via YT – many more by searching "Fela!" + "Broadway". 

P.S.: the man hisself, from the 1977 record ZOMBIE

ZOMBIE, 1977

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update 20100820 – bought, paid, signed, sealed (not yet) delivered.  Nashville road trip on November 19

—————————————————————————- 0 ——————————————————————————–

tickets go on sale tomorrow for most US dates.   see you in Nashville!

horsing downtown

several unpleasant errands downtown:

cars registered – $$$$$                                                                                          check

renew driver's license – picture so horrible as to make the old one bearable                check

get parking permits to park in front of my house  -  $$ and aggravation                       check

     ————————————————————– 0 ————————————————————

at least got to walk around downtown in the sunshine.  it was kinda pleasant today, with temps (finally) below the high 90s F.   and Horsemania is back.  lousy phone pics, didn't think to bring a camera.

for comparison, the more usual kind of equine statuary

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not quite !YAY! yet

updated 08/16/2010:  aw, fuck

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I woke up thinking of a song I hadn't thought of or heard in years:  Art&Paul's America; I bought it on vinyl before vinyl was cool (BCD).   vinyl that is long lost, and never bought on CD or .mp3 format.

there is not an official music video of the song that I can find; luckily someone uploaded the song to YT as soundtrack to several pics/short clips of Art&Paul.  'tis fine for listening but don't try to sync the sound to the visuals.

the line to which I woke up – "it took me four days to hitchhike from Saginaw".  a very pretty, very hard harmony

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the two-way window

as some of you have noticed (many thanks to  ya'll who played), a few days ago I posted about the Johari window, an exercise in self-presentation and self-awareness.  the answers so far have been interesting – I must be pretty cohesive in how I present myself in teh internets, since most answers cluster around 8-9 traits (out of 55: for the exercise you must pick 5-6 traits you identify in the subject, i.e. me). 

the Johari window presents traits which are generally positive – out of the 55 there are maybe 4-5 that are mildly negative – an aobservation that led to the creation of the nohari window, in which the 55 traits have been replaced by their antonyms (happy becomes unhappy; kind becomes cruel, and so on).  the instructions are the same, but it's way more difficult, and I expect, more illuminating (if I can get anyone to answer, that is) my nohari window .  so go all out – I won't get upset, and it'll give me material for navel-gazing.
…and you can always use a fake name or that old reliable, anon.

if you like, make your own Johari and/or nohari window(s)

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hurrah! MOBA gets its overdue props

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