Happy National Meth Awareness Day!

Thanks to the U.S. Department of Justice, you too can celebrate National Meth Awareness Day  


here's a happy celebrant:

and remember these helpful tips, courtesy of teh U.S. Department of Justice:

  • "Cooking meth is relatively simple”   <————————  so easy, even a child can do it!
  • “labs can be set up in homes, motel rooms, inside automobiles, and in parks or rural areas — really almost anywhere.”   <————————  oooo, convenient!
  • “Using meth causes an increase in energy and alertness, a decrease in appetite*, and an intense euphoric ‘rush.”      * so helpful for the gals; gotta keep that figure!

  • for more pearls of wisdom, again, visit the USDOJ
    helpful site.   and share it with your family.

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Bush is an idiot. Exhibit 50435

As per the always-reliable-drunks-folks-at-Wonkette, Jim Webb, the new junior senator from Virginia, came close to getting medieval on Bush's ass.   here's an excerpt:

"… Bush asked Webb how his son was doing in Iraq; Jimmy Webb Jr. is serving
in the Marine Corps. Senator-elect Webb said he’d like to see his son get home safely.

“I didn’t ask you that,” Bush shot back. “I asked how he’s doing.” Sources tell The Hill that

Webb was so furious he could barely keep himself from slugging Dubya in the face,

but he bravely made it through the dinner without violence. …"

[le sigh]                                                       


I cannot wait for the day that
Bush is no longer the CiC                               

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love songs

for some reason or another, last night a chain of thought ended with me thinking about love songs: good ones, bad ones, sappy ones, powerful ones.  and somehow my thoughts kept on turning to "I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face", a little number from the musical  "My Fair Lady".

a deceptively simple song, this is. it doesn't reach any heights of passion or despair, but such lines as

I've gotten used to hear her say Good Morning every day,

ring more true about Teh Love(tm) that most.


 I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face 

Lyrics by:  Alan Jay Lerner

Music by:  Frederick Loewe

From the Show:  My Fair Lady  (1956)


I've grown accustomed to her face, she almost makes my day begin,

I've grown accustomed to the tune she whistles night and noon,

Her smiles, her frowns, her ups, her downs

Are second nature to me now, like breathing out and breathing in,

I was serenely independent and content before we met

Surely I could always be that way again and yet,

I've grown accustomed to her looks, accustomed to her voice,

Accustomed to her face.

I've grown to her face, she almost makes the day begin,

I've gotten used to hear her say Good Morning every day,

Her joys, her woes, her highs, her lows

Are second nature to me now, like breathing out and breathing in,

I'm very grateful she's a woman, and so easy to forget

Rather like a habit one can always break and yet

I've grown accustomed to the trace of something in the air,

Accustomed to her face.



you can listen to Barbara Brussell's version here

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QotD: Holiday Shopping

When do you start your holiday shopping?
Submitted by Murphy.

not at any particular time.  definitely not today, as I've observed  Buy Nothing Day for several years now.
we get xmas gifts for the children (<18 yo) in the family and both our mothers. that's it. and we have stuck with it, even while under sisterly pressure.
we hold it that grown-ups with  jobs can buy themselves what they want, when they want. if one of said grown-ups is without a job, well, that's a different situation, not one that calls for gifts.

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some folks may call it "The day after Thanksgiving", or "Black Friday", or if you are not in the US of A "plain old Friday".  to which I say:  bah!  and  gah!  I'm not out shopping, so I declare today to be *Caturday*
here for your entertainment and edification is a photoessay on Steven Elizabeth who, regardless of what you may
 have heard,

     is quite the easy-going and relaxed fellow      

except when he's not        


          Stevie is    generally a very
   polite  kitteh

he only uses his powers when needed.
                                                    behold the YEEM

 he is not a picky eater
but does defend his catch
  quite ferociously

Steven E. thanks you for your time and wishes you a wonderful holiday season surrounded by your loved ones and their shedding

and be sure you take time
during this busy season to
(couches are great for this)

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A Thanksgiving tale

of a boy                                                                                                      and a bird                                          

who no one understood

and who found each other

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