cat health question

Steven E. has a scratch on the inside of his top lip
(we think – he wasn’t happy about our attempts at examining it)

lip is slightly swollen, no discharge, no fever – he’s not listless, acts normal.

I can’t decide if I need to take him to the vet. I’m thinking that cleaning the scratch with peroxide and/or applying an antibiotic ointment would take care of it – but since the scratch is on the inside of the lip, I worry he may ingest some of the peroxide/antibiotic.

what doth you peeps sayeth? any experience treating this kind of cut?

Pequenas Memórias – Jose Saramago

Let yourself be led by the child you were
– From The Book of Exhortations

I am reading this luminous little book

a gem of a book

"Pequenas Memórias" by Jose Saramago

it is a slight book, taking me forever since I keep on stopping and re-reading, re-re-reading the simple lines. take this fragment (featured on the back cover):

moments when it matters

"The world is so beautiful it makes me sad to think I have to die"

There you were, grandma, sitting on the sill outside your home, open to the vast, starry night, to the sky of which you knew nothing and through which you would never travel, in the silence of the fields and the shadowy trees, and you said, with all the serenity of your ninety years and the fire of an adolescence never lost: “The world is so beautiful it makes me sad to think I have to die.” In those exact words. I was there

mc8B thinks the author looks like a kind old man, who keeps cookies in his pockets

hello?  do you have any cookies

mSB meets the old man

at the end of the book there is a collection of family pictures captioned by Saramago. this one is my favorite:

you can always tell by the face

"By now, I had a girlfriend. You can tell by the look on my face/"

childrearing, Werner Herzog, profanity – the perfect mix

an audio recording of Go the Fuck to Sleep that Werner Herzog did for the New York Public Library to celebrate the release of Adam Mansbach’s new children’s book.

well, I personally would have been fast asleep before the first GTFTS. or at least pretending to very very hard.

Good news to report: a clip of the recording has surfaced online, and it’s as Herzog-ian as you would hope. “The windows are dark in the town child. The whales huddled down in the deep. I’ll read you one last book, if you swear you’ll go…” Well, you know.

Listen to Werner Herzog Read Filthy Children’s Book Go the F**k to Sleep | Movieline.