looking back in blurriness

hey y’all

hope your year is winding down serenely and we all get a chance to catch our breath.

this year has been mostly teh suck for me; from April to October a series of unfortunate (and I’m told, unrelated) events led to, after dozens of doctor visits, several consults, and two major surgeries, to my becoming blind on the right eye.

remember kids, a “95% success rate” comes with a “5% failure rate”.

add age-related vision degeneration on the left eye, and my world has visibly (hah!) shrank.  I can still drive, but having trouble adjusting to having no depth of field – I bump into people, columns and displays at the store.  I spend way less time online as my eye tires, and (sorry to say) mostly hang around FB as it has the best visual adaptive controls.  WP, IG, tumblr, all are nowhere as good.

there has been other suckitude, but not to the extent of the eye clusterfuck:  I’m happy to say the rest of the family is thriving – teh LK grows handsomer, Princess Hank imperiouser, and Steven Elizabeth confushizzleder by the day. <— [that is good]

I leave you with an artist’s interpretation of meself in my new haircut.  cheers!







so hey, the rare non-Nick Cave-related news

we’ve been not-very-heavily looking for a house (same city). we love our little house, but the neighborhood has gone from a student ‘hood to a a frat-boys-kicked-from-campus enclave – not a good thing.

so, a few weeks ago we saw this one


made an offer, went back and forth, yadda yadda yadda…ours and the bank’s since last Friday.  so yay, kinda.  it’s in good shape but we want to replace the carpet in the bedrooms, have the interiors painted, a few other things.  so not moving for a while.

if so inclined you can come see me and watch me descend into madness over paint color samples

linked post and photos within by the teh LK, by far my better half

Picking and Choosing: Bloggers as Curators

CURATE :   it doesn’t mean what you think it means.


it does NOT mean “reblogging”.

(what I’m doing right now)

The WordPress.com Blog

Your blog is the space where you show the world the things that make you tick. You put together stories and images that entertain and enlighten, and invite your visitors in. It’s your own carefully designed museum-living room-coffeeshop packed into a screen.

Some rooms feel a bit cozier, though, with a choice item from the flea market or the antique store. Likewise, your blog can come to life with some well-chosen materials you’ve collected on WordPress.com (and the web in general). Many bloggers are already curating thoughtful content on topics as diverse as design and science — here are some ideas on how best to find and present others’ materials on your blog.

Digging for content

The WordPress.com community creates, collectively, over a million posts every single day, generating an endless wealth of information and opinion. This shouldn’t deter you from looking for content to enhance your blog. On the contrary, you…

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NC!NC!NC! Day -26 (a PSA)

@GMT 05h (February 22nd), @EST midnight, @PST 21h

I’ll be watching @midnight.  see you there!

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Live Sream from Fonda Theater

From Josh Hall at Rockfeedback:

The event marks a rare live stream event from the artist, and will take place at 9PM PST on 21 February (equivalent to 5AM GMT on 22 February). Viewers can watch by subscribing to the RFB YouTube channel, and can tweet along using the hashtag #nickcavelive


9 PM PST, 12 MID EST, 5 AM GMT (FEB 22, 2013)

NC!NC!NC! Day -28

(alt title: It Takes Something As Momentous As Ol’ Nick To Get Me To Blogging)

in a month, four weeks, twenty-eight days, I’ll be seated at the Keswick in Philadelphia waiting for The Bad Seeds to take the stage; the intrepid Crankypants will be there, plus a fellow Nickcaveite from Baltimore.

should be an awesome show, as always. this will be my third time through the NickExperience (twice with The Bad Seeds, once with Grinderman). I’m confident it the live show will be memorable, even though I’m underwhelmed by the new  album, Push the Sky Away.  I’ve listened to the album several times since it began streaming last week and there is much Warren Ellis and the soundtracks Nick and Warren have composed in the last few years – lots of strings, loops, a melancholic sound, nothing like the ferocity of Dig Lazarus! Dig!!

It will still be a show worth the trip, because one thing I’ve learned after seeing Nick twice, is that songs that I didn’t care much for as recorded, were amazing live.  “Moonland” and “Midnight Man” from DL!D!! , “Kitchenette” and “When She Comes” from the second Grinderman album were high points of their respective shows.

here’s the video for one of the standouts from the new album, “Jubilee Street”; I’m so looking forward to see it live

Jubilee Street

Sailor Babo goes a-voting

mSB had no idea that an adventure was brewing

she never lets me drive

where are we going?

he was very excited; not much fun stuff happens chez mariser

I was tripped!

fell down from the excitement

what’s VOTE?

actually, we vote inside

actually, we vote insid

mSB knows to vote for the best cooky (all of them)

mSB wanted to vote for Dr. Jill Stein because she’s the prettiest

Jill Stein understands the needs of Fabric-Americans

Jill Stein understands the needs of Fabric-Americans

mSB was overruled.  something something about needing to have the popular vote alongside the electoral college, blah blah blah

just because she's bigger than me....

babo was overruled

but mSB got a nifty sticker!

where are the cookies?

we voted. it’s cooky time!

mSB really, really hopes there are cookies after this.  voting is exhausting!