I reckon they don’t teach geology in anchorman school

otherwise Rick Sanchez would know that earth surface air temperature is not relevant to volcanic activity.
a while back a fellow Voxer was pretty underwhelmed by Mr. Sanchez's appearance in a quiz show.

no kidding,

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The Indelicates

songs without cover art.  as it always is lately

from Songs…

06 - Savages
The Indelicates

Songs for Swinging Lovers

sharp songwriting.   bad attitude.  Julia's voice belongs at the opera.


available at the link.  it's pay-as-you-wish (there is a suggested amount).  PayPal available. 

getit getit getit.

from American Demo

     cracks me up.  I like Buckley and everything, but
the lo' knows that
My sweetheart the drunk and the stream
of posthumous releases don't hold a candle to
it's good to die young, especially in the record industry

 American Demo – available to d/l for five quid.


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The grand punk impresario

Johnny Rotten must be thrilled he gets to outlive McLaren

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