Buffaloed squeeeee

or bison.  whatevs.
the bebeh looks totally like a "Buffy"


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it is now 4:57pm and I know one thing for sure

after I die and go to hell  <—- [possibility: likely]

I will find that it runs on MS Office 2007 *

and if by chance I am deserving of some special treatment by Satan and his minions, it'll be Apple-based **


…now, off to find (many) adult beverages.  this day has been teh suck


* yes, my tiny podunk little college *just* upgraded to MS Office 2007.  and MS Vista ***.  we are backwards, i know. shut up.  of course the upgrade came without warning, notice, grace period, or training.  d'Oh.

** MS Office 2007 is suspiciously pretty, woefully lacking on text, heavy on (shudder) intuition, colorful, and chock-a-full of pretty.   Apple-wannabes if you ask me.

*** I was saved from Vista.  my computer is too woefully underpowered.  I am the envy of everyone.


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musical serendipity

listening to WMP on shuffle and these two songs came one after the other

02 - In My Time Of Dyin'
The Lovell Sisters

had to stop, listen to the songs again, ponder whether WMP has a soul*, then upload the songs to VOX.

* probably not.  'tis a Microsoft product after all.

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not only has AllState hijacked the shadow-of-its-former-self qotd, but are also running creepy ads next to it.


I ain't clicking on the link, but the wording is rather Big Brotherish.   and for the record, AllState the company is teh suck.

edit:  apparently we are all seeing different ads on the VOX homepage.  to clarify, this is what I see:

edit May 7 2009 @18:07:  added screenshot of VOX homepage as it appears to me

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