ok, that’s enough

I think bacomania is peaking. soon it'll be behind the curve 



what can possibly be used as a mixer to this?  mayonnaise? 

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well, slap me and call me Arlen

I guess there is a limit to how much abuse a senator can take…

Senator Arlen Specter announces switch to Democratic party


here's an excerp from Senator Specter's announcement:

 I have been a Republican since 1966. I have been working extremely hard for the Party, for its candidates and for the ideals of a Republican Party whose tent is big enough to welcome diverse points of view. While I have been comfortable being a Republican, my Party has not defined who I am. I have taken each issue one at a time and have exercised independent judgment to do what I thought was best for Pennsylvania and the nation.


Whatever my party affiliation, I will continue to be guided by President Kennedy’s statement that sometimes Party asks too much. When it does, I will continue my independent voting and follow my conscience on what I think is best for Pennsylvania and America


translated into the vernacular:

Fuck you, GOP, and fuck the elephant you rode in. 

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an oldie but goodie

I use gmail for ~95% of my email.  it is web-based, simple, and most important, has the best spam filters of any email serviced I've used.  I have never had a non-spam email go into the spam folder and only rarely spam gets through to the inbox. 

this has changed over the last two weeks or so.  it is not like an avalanche, but I've noticed that 2-3 spam emails in the inbox most every day.  most all are of the 419 scam variety.  at first I just moved them to the spam folder, but I got curious enough to read one this am.  and of course, want to share it in me blog:


Hello Sir/Madam, 
                                                                                                                      Business Proposal


Since health is the fundamental principle life of human existence therefore, I must not forget to ask about your health and your family as well? Hope all of you are fine, if so splendid. I wish to accost to you with a request that would be of immense benefit, you have been listed as a beneficiary to the sum 25.5m Twenty Five Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars left by my late by client (Name Mr Dominic Dim Deng ) this is our second letter to you), I got your contact when i was searching for business partner, one fact to know is the essential sadness to pass through life without experience, yet is also sad to pass through life without sharing once experience and weakness to others, if this is truly of me, i remain my humble self " Barrister Mumford T. Danso by name from United Kingdom.

In receipt to your profile, is a pleasure and also necessary to relate this issue before your hearing, my late Client (Mr Dominic Dim Deng) was returning with a military delegation to the regional capital, Juba, from a political conference in the town of Wau on Friday, 2 May 2008, he should had being in (Juba) for a political era, so their plan clash and my Late Client die. See the website for confirmation,


My aim of writing you this email now, is that My late Client should have being in Malaysia for a project on 4th night of these incident a project that worth the sum of ($25,500.000.00), Twenty Five Millions Five Hundred Thousand Dollars, deposited with a Security company in Malaysia, and he was expected to be Malaysia as soon as he return from juba, eventually this incident occurred. I need your humble assistance to retrieve my late Client funds from the security company into your care as we come over for investment as I can not come out for this fund being his personal Lawyer. All the documents of this money and is whereabouts is in my position. I need your urgent update of your interested of being my suitor to this Matter.

Thanks and God Bless.

From  BarristerMumford Danso


I've highlighted my favorite bits it warms the cockles of me old, cold, and shriveled heart to see that some sectors of the economy are still thriving despite the worldwide recession.


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Greatest. Contest. Evar.

as expected, the 1st 7th Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational (1st7thAGCI) was a roaring success and culinary delight. this is not my personal review, sadly, but the nice folks of VOX neighbor KCRW's "Good Foods" sent one of their producers for on the spot reporting

Saturday April 25th, 2009.

oh, how I wish I could be there.   LA peeps, you must go.  let us live the glories of cheese vicariously through you.

edited April 27 2009: added link to KCRW's review

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recently read

reread, rather.

MAUS, the brilliant and iconic Holocaust memoir by Art Spiegelman.

I read MAUS around the time it first came out in book form, late eighties and early nineties.  I was deeply impressed by the graphic descriptions of Auschwitz and the horrors therein, the brutal Nazi Germans, the suffering of the Jews.

now from 20 years distance, the psychological punch remains strong, but I found myself drawn to Vladek Spiegelman's (Art's father: survivor of the camps whose history as told to Art comprises the main body of MAUS) personal history not only during the war and internment but before and after. as a young man Vladek is resourceful, quick, present-minded, strong, and generous;  the sick old man he became is miserly, obsessive, driven to the point that he makes everyone's life miserable. 
yet there is a great deal of tenderness in the way Art presents his old man: from his somewhat fractured English – You are dropping in the carpet cigarette ashes. You want it should be like a stable here?   to how Vladek, in an ambulance, gets off the stretcher to give directions to the hospital to the driver.

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why miss california is not miss USA

way to go girl.

Perez is not really my cup of tea when it comes to gossip blogging – too mean.  I much prefer the infinitely superior Michael K of DListed.   but kudos to Perez for asking the question.

Miss California (Carrie Prejean) has been making the talk show rounds.  at least we can rest knowing she rather be "biblically correct than politically correct"

[this is not a clip from her Today Show appearance, but rather of Entertainment Tonight reporting on it.  shame, because we dont' get to see Matt Lauer, the Today Show being a complete tool.  the clip is available at hulu.com, but is not available outside the US]

edit 04/21/2009@1937 added clip of Carrie Prejean in the Today Show

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aguas de marco

jacking around teh internets, watching videos in YT, one thing leads to another and ended up across this beauty

she's lovely, the song is lovely, and the best is at the end when she can no longer contain her laughter.  magical.

this one is going into my portable happiness kit.

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