His Black Dress: Beyond The Limits Of Menswear

too awesome not to share.

No, Seriously, What About Teh Menz?

As a bit of a companion piece to my last post, I’d like to submit for your enjoyment His Black Dress, the blog of Mr. Spookshow, a fella who enjoys pushing the boundaries of what men are “allowed” to wear, from the perspective of everyday fashion. He rocks a variety of looks, from the merely kilted:

To full-on ladies’ wear:

It’s interesting to see a man writing about clothing in the same way female fashion bloggers do. I realized, reading his work, that women’s outfits are fundamentally assembled differently than men’s. The wider range of options and possibilities in women’s clothing create a complex mix-and-match in which multiple good possibilities exist. This seems like the classic problem of “Well, I didn’t believe it when women said it, but now that a man does, I think there’s something to it!”, but I think it’s actually a little subtler. There’s…

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a few disjointed ramblings around the date

I never gave a darn about St. Valentine’s day, even when I was dating, courting, and first married.  being an old-married, has freed us from even noticing the day.

my 13-year-old niece has been staying with us since last year,  being that middle school in Seward, Alaska is quite subpar.
she seems happy here, but is conflicted about her parents and sister being so far away.  there is a bit of tension as she wants to stay here for H.S. and her mom wants her back home.
teh LK and I are doing our best to stay out of it.

but we thought at least we can provide her a little Valentine’s cheer

went to Krogers, bought a few handfuls of yellow, spring-looking flowers.
chocolate-covered strawberries
and a card.
I was the only woman walking around with flowers – placed was packed with men of all ages and walks of life, clutching dozen roses.               so that was amusing.
since I don’t normally shop for gifts on V-day, I don’t know how recent this phenomenon is:
clamshell containers full of rose petals.
“petaled for your convenience”
I saw two teenage boys each grab one container and giggle.
they soooo think they are getting laid tonight